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  1. ENYO-4017

deploy.js should error if deploy.json contains invalid JSON


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      From: http://forums.enyojs.com/discussion/2066/why-are-errors-parsing-finding-deploy-json-silenced?

      Today I tried to run the deploy script for one of our apps, and I failed to get things working even though the deploy script didn't throw any errors.

      Turns out I had a syntax error in my deploy.json file, but enyo's deploy.js file specifically catches the error and silently puts a default manifest in place instead.

      I would think it'd be better for any deployment script is to fail early rather than to fail silently. Is there a particular/good reason to fail silently?


      Hey Ruben – looks like poor error handling to me. I'm guessing the code in the catch (that creates the default manifest) was intended for the case where a library didn't specify a deploy.json, which we do not intend to be compulsory (the readFileSync would throw an error on non-existent file), in which case we use the default. However, in the case a deploy.json DOES exist and the JSON doesn't parse correctly, I agree we should definitely error out with a message so the user knows their JSON is bad. Should be a simple fix.




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